Calor gas Cylinder Hire


If you currently do not have a Calor Gas cylinder to exchange you will need to pay a one off cylinder hire charge on the bottle.

The Price does vary depending which bottle you require. 

The cylinder hire charge works on a sliding scale and you will only be entitled to a percentage of the hire charge back when you return you bottle to us.

Please make sure you select the correct cylinder hire and please retain your receipt from the purchase as this will be needed if you ever return the cylinder.


For more information please look under the Calor Gas section in the FAQ. 

  • 4.5kg butane - £39.99
  • 7kg Butane - £39.99
  • 15kg Butane - £39.99
  • 5kg Patio Gas - £39.99
  • 13kg Patio Gas - £39.99
  • 3.9kg Propane - £39.99
  • 6kg Propane - £39.99
  • 6kg lite Propane - £49.99
  • 13kg Propane - £39.99
  • 19kg Propane - £59.99
  • 47kg Propane - £59.99
  • 18kg Autogas - £59.99
  • 12kg Autogas - £59.99

Important Information

New Gas Bottles

If you do not have a Calor gas cylinder to return to us, you will need to select the Calor cylinder hire charge as well as a cylinder refill

Cylinder Refills

Refill price applies when you already have the exact same gas bottle to return in exchange for a full bottle.