Safety Information

We take the safety of our customers and whoever may come into contact with our products very seriously.

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a flammable gas and it is heavier than air. It is safe if stored and used properly. LPG has a stench agent added to make it easy to detect in the event of a leak.

We recommend that you always follow the safety instructions.

  • Do not damage or tamper with the valve
  • Be sure you have the correct regulator
  • Before removing any plug or cap make sure that the valve is closed
  • When swapping a cylinder on an appliance, make sure that :-
    • the appliance is turned off
    • there is no other source of ignition
  • Keep cylinders upright
  • Do not store cylinder in cellars
  • Do not use propane cylinders indoors
  • Do not use in high rise flats where gas is prohibited
  • Use a trolley or other suitable device or technique for transporting heavy containers
  • Leave valve protections caps (where provided) in place until the container is ready for use
  • Only use suitable pressure regulating devices on all containers
  • Never use direct flame or electrical heating devices to raise the pressure of a container.
  • Containers should not be subjected to temperatures above 45°C.
  • Do not use containers as rollers or supports, or for any other purpose
  • Keep container valve outlets clean and free from contaminants
  • Close the container valve whenever gas is not required
  • Replace outlet caps or plugs and container caps as soon as container is disconnected


  • Containers should be stored in a well ventilated area.
  • Store containers in a location free from fire risk and away from sources of heat and ignition.
  • The storage area should be kept clear
  • Containers in storage should be properly secured to prevent toppling or rolling.
  • Flammable gases should be stored away from other combustible materials.
  • Containers held in storage should be periodically checked for general condition and leakage.