5Kg Patio Gas


The 5kg Calor Patio Gas cylinder is easy to carry and is the ideal gas bottle for table top heaters and BBQs and smaller patio heaters.

Calor Patio Gas in green cylinders with red handles, is suitable for outdoor appliances all year round and is the UK's only cylinder with a built in gas level gauge.

This cylinder uses a 27mm 37mbar propane clip on regulator making it easy to connect and disconnect the bottle.

Patio Gas is also available in a 13kg cylinder.

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  • Refill - £33.00

Important Information

New Gas Bottles

If you do not have the same gas cylinder to return to us, you will need to select a new cylinder charge as well as a cylinder refill

Cylinder Refills

Refill price applies when you already have the exact same gas bottle to return in exchange for a full bottle.